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The correct way to work in the browser
Motion will be your personal productivity coach. We teach you the ways and give you the tools necessary to maximize your productivity potential.

Motion is like Superhuman for the browser. It really takes the pain and friction out of doing my daily work in the browser.

Michael Seibel
CEO, Y-Combinator

Motion helps me get things done fast. I’m constantly looking for tools to improve the way I work. It’s amazing how they got all the details right.

Bart Decrem
Studio Lead, Mozilla

The modern browser isn't built for work

The “modern” browser isn’t built for work - it’s slow, clumsy, and distracting. As a Chrome extension, Motion fixes this for you without needing to abandon your current browser.

Motion is a mental model of how to work the most productively. Motion’s software gives you the tools necessary to achieve this: instantaneous access to web apps you use right from any page, effortless tab management, and cutting through the noise of the internet.

We at Motion have a strong belief in how work should be done in the browser. Let us help you execute your day in the most productive way.

Accessibility: information should be instantaneously retrievable

Some of the most common tools you use, such as Calendar, LinkedIn, or Asana, can take seconds to load - even longer if you need to find or open the tab. Motion re-built the UI/UX from the ground-up, so that you can access them instantly right from any page with one shortcut.

For example, the average time it takes to open and load your Google Calendar is 5 seconds. Motion lets you do that in 100ms.

Low friction: reduce activation energy for every action

Reach your destination with a single command instead of using the mouse to click through several pages. Whether you are searching for a document or finding an email, cut through the friction and get right to the point.

Organization: you should never be looking at more than 10 tabs

Working in the browser should be delightful; you can’t find delight in looking at 30 tabs all crowded into tiny squares on your tab bar. Motion gives you the most powerful and simplest tab management system, with workspaces and vertical subtabs.

Attention: block distractions

The browser is an extremely distracting place. You need to check Twitter for work, and 30 minutes later you are asking yourself why you are still scrolling through tweets.

Motion’s built-in anti-distraction features will alert you when you are being distracted and remove distracting elements from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and even LinkedIn.

Lastly, our productivity report will show you when, where, and how to improve your focus.

I’m always looking for ways to boost my productivity. Motion’s innovative tab management system helps reduce clutter in my browser, making it faster and easier to find what I need when I need it.

Patrick Lee
Founder, Rotten Tomatoes

Motion does a really good job at keeping me focused. It probably squeezes an extra hour into my workday every day.

Mathew Pregasen
CEO, Battlecard

Visually gorgeous

We all spend 6+ hours a day in the browser; you deserve a better design that you can enjoy.

That’s why we built Motion to transform your browser into a visually gorgeous app. Every feature - from calendar to tab management - is meticulously crafted from the bottom up to please your eye. We research the color composition of every UI to minimize eyestrain.