Chrome for Power Users
Stay in flow while working in your browser. Grouped tabs, one-click access to work tools on any page, turning off distractions, and more
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Zero-effort tab management

Say goodbye to 20+ tabs
Group related tabs together (Motion can do this automatically) so that your tab bar doesn't get filled up with tiny, unreadable squares
Search tabs across all windows
Move between tabs with one shortcut instead of several clicks
Save CPU & memory up to 90%
Suspend inactive tabs so they don't hog resources and slow down your work

One-click access to work tools from any page

Access your most common tools with a shortcut
Need to jot down a note or find a document? Do it 3x faster with Motion's built-in shortcuts. Context-switching is a productivity killer - Motion lets you accomplish tasks without losing context
Send calendar invites without opening a new tab
You no longer need to visit another page to use your calendar. With one shortcut, you can view you calendar, create events, or copy/paste your availabilities in text format right on any page
Stop hunting for meeting links
Receive a link to your Zoom or Hangouts meeting right before it starts. Never worry about missing a meeting again, and spare yourself the multi-click struggle of finding the link.

Stay focused when you need to be

Turn off distractions when you need to focus
Set a time limit each time you visit a distracting site like Facebook or Twitter. We also let you hide distracting elements like newsfeeds and recommended videos.
Receive actionable productivity report on how you spend time
See the breakdown of time spent across sites in your browser
"Motion gives me superpowers in the browser. I’m moving a lot faster on tasks like scheduling and finding documents. It also does an amazing job at keeping me focused while working."
Michael Seibel
Co-founder of Twitch,
CEO of Y Combinator