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Saved 2 hours on social media
I am bothered by meetings way less
Smart Scheduler, Distraction Blocker on Social Media, and So Much More
Schedule conveniently-timed meetings faster, find the tab you need without searching endlessly, and use LinkedIn without getting distracted by the newsfeed when you have Motion as your secret weapon.
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"Motion does a really good job at keeping me focused. It probably squeezes an extra hour into my workday every day."
Mathew Pregasen  CEO of QuickCard
All-In-One Chrome Plugin That Cuts 70% of Distractions To Keep You in a State of Deep Work
Quick Access To Google Docs You Need
A tool that pulls the Google Docs from your Drive and displays them to you in an organized way that’s customizable and easy to search.
Calendar That Books Meetings In Seconds
A simple version of your Google calendar that pops up instantly when you need it, allowing you to book and join meetings from any page.
Distractions Blocked on Social Media
A tool that blocks distracting features like newsfeeds on social media and gives you reminders to finish your session faster.
Organized Browser Tabs For Easy Access
A page that displays all the windows and tabs you have open, allowing you to close, snooze, and group tabs in seconds.
Calendar That Prioritizes Your Focus Time
A smart addition to your Google calendar that optimizes meeting times around hours of focus so you can work deeply without distractions.
"Motion is like Superhuman for the browser. It really takes the pain and friction out of doing my daily work in the browser"
Michael Siebel - 
CEO Y Combinator
Calendar That Speeds Up How You Book and Join Meetings
Meetings already take up too much of your day. But many are unavoidable. What is avoidable is wasting time on scheduling and accessing them. Motion allows you to schedule meetings at optimal times without even opening your Google calendar. And join virtual meetings by just clicking a button.
A Better-Organized Version Of Your Google Drive
Sure, searching for documents is annoying. But what’s worse is the amount of wasted time it adds up to. Studies show that we spend 5 hours per week searching for the right files. Motion speeds it up and gives you easy access to the documents you need with a lot less clicking. Your mouse will thank you
One Page To View And Organize All Your Windows And Tabs
Here’s a common scenario. You’re trying to complete a task and have to click through dozens of tiny tabs to find the one you need. It’s stressful, distracting, and it takes forever. Motion simplifies the way you work by creating workspaces and vertical subtabs for each task you’re working on.
Distraction Removal on Social Media and Reminders To Focus
You’re on Youtube figuring out how to change the formatting of your report. And then a recommended Ted Talk grabs your attention. We know social media can be both helpful and damaging. Motion alerts you if you steer off-course and removes distractions from Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and even LinkedIn.
Smart Scheduler That Optimizes Your Time To Do Deep Work
Your next career-changing idea probably won’t come to you in the 30 minutes you have between meetings. You need time to be innovative and create incredible work. Motion makes this easy with a smart scheduling system that gives you blocks of time to focus.
"Motion's shortcuts and calendar tools save me time and sub tabs help reduce clutter in my browser"
Patrick Lee - 
Founder, Rotten Tomatoes