The fastest browser experience ever.
Stay in flow while working in your browser. One-click access to work tools on any page, turning off distractions, and more superpowers.
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"Motion gives me superpowers in the browser. I’m moving a lot faster on tasks like scheduling and finding documents. It also does an amazing job at keeping me focused while working."

Michael Siebel
CEO, Y-Combinator

The modern browser isn't built for work

Browsers were designed for browsing, not working. Most work is now done in the browser, where we average 6+ hours a day. But, working in the browser has become slow, tedious, and...not delightful.

Motion is a Chrome extension that solves these problems within your current browser. Instantly load work tools right on any page, organize related tabs into subtab workspaces to de-clutter the tab bar, and protect your attention from the internet's distractions.

Motion makes working in the browser fast and delightful.

Access work tools 10x faster

Hate how long it takes to load your calendar, email, Linkedin, and all the other work apps you use? With Motion, they’ll load instantly, right on any page, with one shortcut.

The average time it takes to open and load Google Calendar is 5 seconds. Motion shows you your calendar in 100ms.

Work blazingly fast.

A shortcut for every action

Moving the mouse is super slow; use Motion’s built-in command line and shortcuts to open up tools you need.

Even better, skip the loading time for these tools.

Say bye to 20+ tabs

Group related tabs together (Motion can do this automatically) so that your tab bar doesn't get filled up with tiny, unreadable squares.

Move between tabs with one shortcut instead of several clicks.

Save CPU & memory up to 90%. Motion suspends inactive tabs so they don't hog resources and slow down your work.

Stay focused when you need to be

The browser can be an extremely distracting place. You wanted to reference a specific tweet, but 30 minutes later you find yourself still scrolling through Twitter.

Motion’s built-in anti-distraction features will alert you when you are being distracted and remove distracting elements from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Lastly, our productivity report will show you when, where, and how to improve your focus.

Visually gorgeous

The browser is our most used app, so its design impacts our productivity and how we feel when we're working.

That’s why we built Motion to be visually gorgeous. Every feature - from calendar to tab management - is meticulously crafted to please your eye. We use a dark mode color scheme that looks great and minimizes eyestrain.