Motion Features:
1. Option + K

2. Calendar
3. Subtabs
4. Notes
5. Snippets
6. Email & LinkedIn
7. Distractions

Welcome to Motion. Here's an overview of some our most helpful features.

We've designed Motion to be immediately useful once you download it. But, we've found that it becomes more useful over time as you learn the keyboard shortcuts and naturally start integrating the features into your existing workflow.

While our features cover a wide range of use cases, they're all designed to solve one problem: helping you stay in flow and move faster in the browser.

Option + K

Motion's Cmd + J panel is our command line. It's the panel where you can access all Motion's functionality, from any webpage.

Motion Command - Option + K (mac) or Alt + K (windows)

Keyboard shortcuts help you move faster than the mouse; that's why Motion lets you perform all actions using the keyboard. From any page you are on, simply hit Option+K for mac or Alt+K for windows.

Search for any command with a couple characters - enter "cal" to use Calendar, "tab" to search for tabs, or "em" to send an email. Next to each command, see its associated shortcut to do it even faster next time.


Motion can save you time whenever you need to perform a calendar action.

Shortcut to use your Calendar - Option+C (mac) or Alt+C (windows)

Most of the time, you open up a calendar tab to perform a single action - check your schedule for the day, find a meeting link, create/edit an event or meeting, share your available times with someone, or set a reminder. Motion lets you do these actions with one click/shortcut.

For example, here's our availabilities feature in action:

Never manually type out your availability again!


Motion can help you manage and find tabs with zero effort.

Often times, we have many tabs open from the same website. With Motion, you can consolidate all these tabs into subtabs, so that your tab bar doesn't get cluttered (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L). You can also create subtab workspaces this way.

Furthermore, you can search for any tabs on any window with a simple shortcut (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + K).

And delete tabs from here too:

To make this even better, you can switch back-and-forth between your last two used tabs with option-z (mac) or alt-z (windows).

Finally, we automatically suspend your inactive tabs to save memory and CPU.


Jot down a note quickly and organize it later.

Shortcut to add a note - hit Cmd-E (mac) or Ctrl-E (windows)

Often times, while we are in the middle of something, a thought comes to mind that we need to write down - whether it's an idea, a reminder, or a todo. With Motion, you can write down the thought in the quickest way possible without interrupting your workflow, and then come back to organize everything later with our implementation of the Get-Things-Done system.

You can see and organize these notes right on your new tab page, so that you'll never forget about them.

One use case we run into a lot: video-conferencing in the browser and needing to write something down quickly.


Learn how to use snippets to avoid re-writing repetitive paragraphs.

When we send emails or messages, oftentimes we are writing the same thing over and over again - an investor pitch, a product description, or a self-intro. Motion lets you avoid that by saving frequently-used texts, accessible anytime through the Cmd + J panel.

Hint: snippets are also useful for any kind of repetitive copying/pasting, such as a Calendly link.

Email & LinkedIn

Finish work & stay in flow without opening a new tab! Motion lets you compose an email or check someone's LinkedIn profile from any page.

Often times when we write an email, we need information from another page. We might flip back and forth between that page and Gmail to draft our email. With Motion, you can draft your email right from the original page. Plus, you'll save yourself a lot of clicks and loading time by not having to open your inbox send an email.

We also let you pull up someone's LinkedIn profile from any page:


Save hours a day in the browser.

The internet is a distracting place, and every site is competing for your attention. While you're working, Motion helps you stay focused through active interventions and productivity reports.

Adjust settings, view report, label sites, and everything through Cmd-J.